Aida Matos, Owner

Aida Matos established Audubon Financial Services in 1993 on a part-time basis. Several years later, she turned the company into a full-time business. She started with only income tax preparation for individuals but now the business consists of income tax preparation for individuals, business, accounting services, notary public, loan closing agent for several title companies, attorneys, and banks. She has her Associates Degree, and Bachelor Degree in General Accounting. She has volunteered her time to the community over the past several years. She is in the process of creating a non-for-profit organization. Education is an important part of life and to keep up to date on the new laws and procedures in her field. Aida will continue to move forward to provide many services to her clients and prospective clients. All her clients appreciate the knowledge, trustworthy, and confidenciality provided to their business or individual needs.